UP2008 (Lia Fava), 2020, acrylic on canvas.

This work is part of the project The Book of People.

The Book of People is a project by Stefano W. Pasquini, thought up in order to remember people we care about. If we think about it, most of us know almost nothing about our great-grandparents, unless someone in the past has taken the trouble to leave a memory of them. This project wants to be that memory. You are invited to send a story about a person dear to you, with a photo of them, to stefanowpasquini (at) gmail.com by e-mail with the subject “The Book of People”. The story should not exceed two thousand words or 12 thousand characters. The subject of the story will be painted by Stefano W. Pasquini on canvas and will appear on this site together with your story and your signature. In addition, both painting and story will be included in an artist book with the same title. The stories can be in your native or preferred language.